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St James Church

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St. James 2006
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Revd Linda Robertson
The Rectory, Mill Lane, Cocking
Revd Chris Boxley [now retired]
map of Heyshott & Cocking

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Clergy at Heyshott 1135 - 2010
click for English Heritage   A chapel is known to have existed in Heyshott before 1144.
The church at Heyshott was presumably founded as a chapel to that of St. James at Stedham, it was so styled in 1291 and it continued attached to Stedham until 1882, when it was constituted an independent rectory in the gift of the bishop of Chichester.
Over the south door is the Royal Arms as borne 1714-1800.
Of the three bells
the oldest may be ascribed to William Founder (c.1400)
another to Anthony Wakefield (d.1605)
and the third is by William Eldridge, 1671.
The registers begin in 1690.
source: 'Heyshott', A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 4: 1953
photo left - Ms Kathryn Burrington - English Heritage

click for full image   The Font

This dates from the early 13thc. and is located at the western end of the nave. The bowl forms a transition from a square at its base to a circle, with a prominent moulded rim, at the top. On each corner of the square is a moulded capital. The result is a tub font with a spade-shape carved on four sides. The interior is lead lined. A piece of the central shaft, with a drain hole drilled through the centre, is kept inside the bowl. The capitals now stand directly upon a low, square, chamfered plinth rather than upon shafts, which would have been the original arrangement.
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Richard Cobden regularly worshipped in Heyshott church
His pew was immediately beneath the pulpit, in which this small brass plate may be noticed.
Cobden plaque, St. James
Photo:- Pam Hadley 2007 - click to enlarge

St. James' is mentioned in the Post Office directories

St James, c.1904
St James, c.1904 - click for more vintage photos

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